May 18, 2017

Official kick-off at Skøll

Last Tuesday the official kick-off for the Aegon Koninklijke-Holland Beker took place at the Amsterdam student rowing club Skøll. Every year Skøll organises the Holland Beker regatta together with the Rotterdam rowing club De Maas and the Koninklijke rowing club from Muiden. Preparations for the event have already started as soon as the event was over last year, but the official kick-off was meant to start recruiting volunteers that will help at the event.

To organise a big event like the Holland Beker regatta, we need lots and lots of volunteers to help us prepare food and drinks, help with the competitors, the driving grand-stand, handing prices to the winners and so much more. Skøll provides us with most of the volunteers, but do you feel like helping out and have a great weekend? You can contact us at

See you the 24th and 25th of June!