Welcome to the Koninklijke- Holland Beker 2023

It’s our pleasure to announce the 2023 edition of the Koninklijke- Holland Beker regatta, which will take place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2023 at the Bosbaan regatta Course in Amsterdam.

Traffic Rules & Training

Regatta Traffic Rules during racing

The Bosbaan is the oldest artifical rowing lake in the world and is therefore constrained in its size. Warming up, racing and cooling down take place on the same stretch of water. To avoid collisions resulting in personal and material damage, it is of the greatest importance to adhere to the traffic regulations. Violation of these rules can lead to a yellow card according to FISA’s Rules of Racing.

In case of fairness decisions, the traffic rules might be changed during the regatta. Further announcements on this will be made via our website and the umpires at the boathouse area.


Training is possible on the following times:

  • Friday all day (from sunrise till sunset).
  • Saturday: from sunrise till 9:00 and from 18:00 till sunset.
  • Sunday: from sunrise till 9:15 and from 17:00 till sunset.

Traffic rules for training are below. No rescue services are present during training.

Rules and Regulations

Rules of Racing

FISA’s Rules of Racing apply to the Koninklijke- Holland Beker. The additional provisions specific to the 2023 edition of the Koninklijke-Holland Beker can be found here.

Clothing and oars

In accordance with the rules of racing of WORLD ROWING:

  • Composite crew: every rower wears their club uniform (identical per club). Undershirt, legging, socks and hats must be either identical (identical for the whole crew) or identical for each club (for crew members of the same club); this means same colours and length.

Deviation from the Rules of Racing:

  • Composite crews are also allowed to wear the same uniform – not necessarily club uniform – as long as the implementation is fully identical.

The oars must be completely identical for the entire crew. It is not obliged to use blades in the registered colours of your club.

Advertising space on boats

FISA rules on advertising spaces apply. Boat names are excluded from the advertising spaces.

Boat Weighing

For all events, boats will be selected for boat weighing. Each team is responsible that his boat at least meets the minimum weight. The boat weighing is located in the athletes zone opposite of the pontoons and will be indicated there.


The minimum weight for all coxwains is 55 kg (according to FISA rules), with a maximum dead weight of 15 kg.

Time Table and events

Up to date time table and draws can be found on the website of time team.

Regatta office

Regatta Office

The regatta office is at the ground floor of the finish tower. The office will be manned:

  • Friday: 15:00 till 20:00
  • Saturday: 8:00 till 18:00
  • Sunday: 8:00 till 16:30

Please come and see us with any query.

All entries, time table, draw and results can be found via the website of Time-Team.


Outside office hours, you can reach the regatta office via e-mail or phone (+31 6 47580322). Dutch crews are advised to make all changes via the KNRB Inschrijfprogramma (change deadline is extended).

New entries

It is possible to register crews for additional races. New entries will only be accepted if they do not lead to additional races.