Welcome to the Koninklijke- Holland Beker 2021

It’s our pleasure to announce the 2021 edition of the Koninklijke- Holland Beker regatta, which will take place on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 June 2021 at the Bosbaan regatta Course in Amsterdam.


Due to the global COVID-pandemic, this year’s edition will be significantly different from previous editions. Please keep a close look at this page for all relevant information and updates.

Entries are still open, please see below.

Impact of COVID on the regatta

Our regatta will take place as “Top Sport Event”, which means that only rowers competing on Elite level can compete.

Foreign competitors will receive an exemption from the quarantine when entering The Netherlands. This means that – depending on your country of origin and itinerary- it is only required to undergo COVID-tests. Please get in touch with us via for details taylored to your situation.

COVID rules and limitations

1. Each rower can compete in one event only

2. Each crew can bring a maximum of 1 coach only

3. Each club can bring 1 additional delegate

4. Each person entering the regatta venue shall be tested for COVID – details will be announced later

5. The total number of athletes and coaches on the regatta venue is limited. This will be enforced by accepting a limited number of crews and by making adjustments to the time table.


Update 15 June

Yesterday it was announced that there is a possibility that COVID limitations will be partially lifted by Saturday 26 June (the first racing day of our regatta). More details on the new limitations are to be announced Friday 18 June in the evening, after which local authorities will further advise us Monday 21 June the earliest.

If there is a possibility, we will add additional events to our regatta. This can, however, not be confirmed before Monday 21 June.

Time Table and events

During the 2021 edition of the Koninklijke- Holland Beker, a limited number of events are available:

1. The main single scull events (M 1x “Holland Beker”, W 1x “Ladies Trophy”, JM 1x and JW 1x)

2. Open National Championship events.

Events with 12 entries or less will have a heat and final. These will take place within a 3 hours. Events with more than 12 entries will have a heat, repechage and/or semi-final and final. The heats and repechages will take place on Saturday within 3 hours, the semis and final on Sunday, within 3 hours.



Preliminary Time Table

Based on the entries up to 15 June, a Time Table has been prepared. Please be very careful with this time table: changes can be made!

The days of finals for events will not be changed. Additional entries will be accepted if the total number of people present at the venue does not exceed our permit.


International crews

Please be aware of any travel restrictions between your country and the Netherlands. The current inbound travel restrictions towards The Netherlands can be found on this website. We will provide a formal declaration that will waive the quarantine requirement for inbound travel from “orange countries”. Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Finland are deemed “safe countries”. Please come in contact with us to help with your specific situation.

To enter, please complete this international entry form and e-mail to International entries are still open, regatta capacity permitting. Please reach out to us for more information. If you want to travel in from a country with a quarantine obligation, it will not be possible to join anymore. The application date for a quarantine exemption expired.

Dutch crews

The enrollment for the Koninklijke- Holland Beker is not open for everyone. Due to COVID, the capacity of our regatta is limited and we should be strict on the rowing level of our contestants.

1. Crews can express their interest to participate in the regatta via the KNRB Inschrijfprogramma.

2. Registration via this website closes Wednesday June 9, 17:00 hrs.

3. Coaches of the national federation KNRB will supervise the selection process.

4. Selected crews will be invited to our regatta. Invites will be sent Friday 18 June the latest.

Update 10 June: The number of entries via the KNRB Inschrijfprogramma have been modest and realistic. We can allow all contestants that are in the system based on the limited numbers that can be allowed on the venue. A check will be done on possible double entries, in which case the Team Manager will get a notification.

A limited spots for additional crews is available. Please submit your request via the KNRB Inschrijfprogramma “Wijzigingen”. Additional crews will be accepted if they fit the maximum number of people on the venue.

Rules and Regulations

Rules of Racing

FISA’s Rules of Racing apply to the Koninklijke- Holland Beker. The additional provisions specific to the 2021 edition of the Koninklijke-Holland Beker can be found here.


In accordance with the rules of racing of FISA:

  • Composite crew: every rower wears their club uniform (identical per club). Undershirt, legging, socks and hats must be either identical (identical for the whole crew) or identical for each club (for crew members of the same club); this means same colours and length.

the Koninklijke- Holland Beker Regatta this year also allows:

  • Crew wears same uniform – not necessarily club uniform – the implementation must then be fully identical.

Advertising space on boats

FISA rules on advertising spaces apply. Boat names are excluded from the advertising spaces.

Boat Weighing

For all events, boats will be selected for boat weighing. Each team is responsible that his boat at least meets the minimum weight. The boat weighing is located in the athletes zone opposite of the pontoons and will be indicated there.


The minimum weight for all coxwains is 55 kg (according to FISA rules), with a maximum dead weight of 15 kg.

Traffic Rules

Regatta Traffic Rules

The Bosbaan is the oldest artifical rowing lake in the world and is therefore constrained in its size. Warming up, racing and cooling down take place on the same stretch of water. To avoid collisions resulting in personal and material damage, it is of the greatest importance to adhere to the traffic regulations. Violation of these rules can lead to a yellow card according to FISA’s Rules of Racing.

In case of fairness decisions, the traffic rules might be changed during the regatta. Further announcements on this will be made during the team managers meetings.