Jun 26, 2021

Who to watch on Saturday

It took a long time, but we are back on the Bosbaan. Rowers, volunteers, coaches, everyone is in a good mood. The Holland Beker and the Ladies Trophy are polished and ready for tomorrow’s winners. Today we entertain ourselves with the races of the NK Groot/Open National Championship.

Anyone who has read the KHB magazine, knows that also the women of the Dutch Women’s Eight participate in different combinations today. Karien Robbers, Dieuwertje den Besten and Tinka Offereins, who have been interviewed for the magazine, started this morning in the Women’s Four (W4-). Karien and Dieuwertje join forces with Tessa Dullemans and Ilse Kolkman, while Tinka gets into the boat with project 2020 buddy Hermijntje Drenth in an Okeanos combination. In the finals they will compete among others with Varsity winners Jonneke Boere and Ashley Rijst, who appear at the start with Luka van der Zwan and Lina Dokter (Skoll). Make sure you don’t miss the finals at 14.25.

For the fanciers of sculling there is also plenty to see this afternoon. The finals of both the LW2x and the W2x promise to become extremely exciting. With a few well-known names such as Ilse Paulis, Lisa Scheenaard and Marieke Keijser. In this field we will also see one team from Belgium and one from Germany competing against each other. The M2x finals start at 15:24, who will go home with medals? Triton and Euros finished with a difference of four hundredths of a second. The results of the M4- heats were quite impressive this morning. Watch them out in the finals at 14.40. The men’s eights also showed their best in the heats and will prepare for more this afternoon. 

The battle for the Holland Beker and the Ladies Trophy started with the first heats. Check it out at our livestream and let yourself be impressed by the fantastic athletes who will battle for gold.