Jun 24, 2017

Rolling Grandstand Sign-up

The Holland Beker is the only regatta in the world that lets its spectators follow the rowing matches from start to finish. As a spectator, you can enjoy the battles on the water while being driven, which provides a unique view to see which boat is in the lead and when crews are attacking each other’s positions. Being seated with fellow sports-lovers during the entire performance creates an enchanting atmosphere which makes the grandstand absolutely amazing. This year the Rolling Grandstand celebrates its 10 year anniversary! The Holland Beker will therefore giveaway each seat free of charge instead of the usual small fee!

Reservations can be made through this form and at the service desk during the weekend. You can also claim unreserved seats by showing up on the opposite side of the finish tower (but no guarantees!). Just follow the big truck or check the map for instructions. During the regatta, the main road will be closed for all traffic including cyclists. So if you want to spectate a race, be sure to claim your spot!