May 31, 2024

Preview freshman races

Fresh at the start! 

This Saturday, the esteemed tradition continues as the top six crews of the Freshmen Classification are once again invited to compete at the Koninklijke Holland Beker. While no points are at stake for the classification, anticipation runs high for an exciting weekend filled with top-tier rowing competitions. Let’s explore which freshmen crews have the honor of participating in this prestigious event.

Men’s Heavyweight Eight (HEj8+)

Gyas is currently leading, followed closely by Skøll and Njord. Njord has won four out of the seven races so far and is only one point behind Skøll. So we definitely expect a tight battle between those top three crews. Asopos de Vliet, Vidar and Proteus-Eretes complete the top six and will undoubtedly do everything they can to go home with a beautiful Koninklijke Holland Beker medal.

Women’s Eight (DEj8+)

Having won six out of seven races, Gyas firmly leads the ranking. Skøll holds the second place with a narrow margin over Njord and Argo, who are tied for third.  Orca and Phocas round out the field. It remains to be seen if Gyas will win again this weekend. With tight races at the last couple of regattas, all eyes are on Gyas to see if they can secure a seventh victory. The stage is set for an exciting battle as the competition unfolds this weekend.

Lightweight Men’s Eight (LHEj8+)

In the Lightweight Men’s Eight category, Proteus-Eretes leads with 53 points. Despite a strong start to the season, they have recently lost their rhythm. Skøll, Njord, Argo, Skadi and Phocas are all in the mix for the win. With the exception of Njord, each team has secured a victory this season, making it anyone’s race. Which of these six teams will cross the finish line first this weekend at the renowned Bosbaan in Amstelveen?

Lightweight Women’s Four (LDEj4*)

Gyas boasts a formidable lineup this year, leading in the Lightweight Women’s category as well. After winning the last four races, they are undoubtedly eager to secure a fifth podium finish this weekend. Argo’s crew, currently in second place, is also one to watch. Despite being in fifth place, Skadi has shown promising form, coming close to victory in the last race. The crews from Njord, Phocas and Skøll round out the field and could surprise us with a win this weekend. 

Women’s Four (DEj4+)

In the Women’s Four category, the competition is heating up as Saurus, Argo, Skøll and Theta are all closely tied around the 50-point mark. These four teams have been neck and neck throughout the season, making it anyone’s race to win. Following them is Asopos de Vliet with 27 points, who will be looking to close the gap and potentially upset the frontrunners. With such tight standings, this weekend’s race promises to be thrilling.

Men’s Four (HEj4+)

Phocas leads the pack with 57 points, demonstrating their dominance this season, especially after winning the most recent race. Njord follows with 48 points, showing remarkable consistency throughout the season. Euros, holding third place with 41 points, has also secured a race victory and is a formidable contender. The battle for fourth place is intense, with Dudok van Heel and Gyas both vying for the spot. Asopos, having just made the Holland Beker top six by edging out Okeanos by one point, adds another layer of excitement to the competition. Given Phocas’s recent momentum and impressive performance, they are the favorites to win this weekend. However, with Njord’s consistent showings and Euros’ potential for an upset, it’s anyone’s race. 

It promises to be an exciting battle between these talented teams. Good luck to all participants!