Jun 13, 2017

Key Figure Diner at Frenzi Cuscina a success

Chef Ruud Kager’s tenth Holland Beker anniversary

With the preparations for this year’s KHB in full swing, the organizing board invited all committee members to the Key Figure dinner at Frenzi Cucina.

Head chef Ruud Kager has been a partner to the KHB for the past ten years, making sure every edition is catered with the most excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Ruud also serves a wide selection of authentic dishes and finger food at the VIP-lunch for the patrons during the Koninklijke – Holland Beker. At the Key Figure dinner, Ruud gave a taste of his cooking and made sure that committee members had a chance to interact with one another and discuss their progress in organizing the upcoming Holland Beker regatta over a glass of red wine.


Chef Ruud celebrating his tenth KHB anniversary at the Key Figure dinner

Chairman of the organizing committee Carel van Lynden spoke to those present: ‘’I look forward to this year’s Holland Beker Regatta and as our regatta keeps growing, I am very excited to look ahead at next year’s 125th edition. I am confident we can continue to create the most prestigious rowing regatta in The Netherlands, as we have done in previous years.”


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If you wish to support the Koninklijke – Holland Beker and enjoy Ruud’s food at the VIP-lunch at the regatta, become a patron! Support of the patrons helps the organizing board to realize a bigger and better regatta every year, and in return, you get to experience the Holland Beker as an honoured guest. Find out more about becoming a patron and all the perks and bonuses here.