Jun 27, 2021

Get ready for Sunday’s races

After a great kick-off yesterday, we continued racing this morning. For many Dutch student rowers today will be the first possibility to measure themselves against the rest of the Netherlands. After months of training the race uniforms can be pulled out of the closet. Time to race!

In the M2x heats, a French couple was the first to cross the finish line. Based on the results of the heats of this morning it looks very likely that a Skøll crew goes home with the national title for the M2x, however, it remains to be seen which one. Triton dominated in the LM2x heats of this morning, so becoming the national winner must be feasible. However, the German crew that participates in this field will definitely challenge them in being the first to cross the finish line.

The women of the Aegon National Rowing Team (ANRT) race today in combined eights. Karien Robbers and Femke Paulis stroke the Senior eight and Under-23 eight respectively. Skøll and Orca join forces and will compete against the rowers of the Dutch equipe. They are coached by Steffen de Vries, who is known as a very skilled coach in women’s rowing and also has an Olympic history. 

In the battle for the Holland Beker, Guido de Ruiter (Theta) outperformed Amos Keijser during the semifinals. The presence of very strong opponents with Italian and German roots promise us a nerve-racking final race. Who goes home with the Holland Beker? Check it out at 15:50. For the Ladies Trophy, it is also going to be close. Marloes Oldenburg (Gyas) took the lead in her semifinal. However, the fastest time came from Pia Greiten (Germany) in the other semifinal. Funny fact is that Marloes is a rower of the Dutch Women’s Eight and Pia of the German Women’s Eight. However, today they will compete for the Ladies Trophy in the skiff. You can watch the finals at 15:25 https://hollandbeker.nl/live/.