Jun 25, 2023

Battle of the Freshmen at Holland Beker 2023

Each year, the top six of the Freshmen classification gets an invite to row a direct A-final at the Holland Beker. Whereas no points for the classification nor for so-called ‘status’ can be awarded by winning this race, for most crews getting the invite is an honour and goal to achieve in their first year of racing competitively. As the commentators pointed out, there is a ‘Holland Beker Curse’, meaning: whoever is on top of the classification does not win at the Holland Beker. This year, the curse was broken. Many crews topping the general classification fulfilled their ‘duty’ and also won today. The only exception was the LMFm8+ event where it was surprisingly the crew from Skøll who won by a boatlength! This crew has had some strong performances this season, but the 2k-win over the strong crews from Nereus, Laga Gyas and Skadi was quite unexpected! Well-done!

Results Fm races
LW4* Gyas
W4+ Euros
M4+ Pelargos

LM8+ Skøll
W8+ Nereus
M8+ Nereus