May 04, 2018



Voortvarend van start

Rowing is all about the flying start! The faster you start, the faster you will go. At Aegon we believe in the same principle. We strive to give your career a similar flying start with our traineeship programme. The traineeship will give you the chance to advance your professional career and realize your personal growth. And just as in rowing, we have a coach who will help you achieve your true potential.


Starting your career at Aegon?

At Aegon we want to help our customers achieve a secure financial future. Customers can count on us to help buy their dream home, to insure their car, or to save enough for an unforgettable trip around the world. For every dream and ambition, we have a product that will help you achieve it.


Voortvarend van start


Our people

If you think working for a financial institution is boring, think again! No stuffy suits for us, because at Aegon you can come in to work in your jeans and cool sneakers.

Wesley (Finance)


Ishani (Communication)


Philip (Data-Analist)